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Back gets sore

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  • Back gets sore

    Those of us of a certain age are subject to a variety of aches and pains from arthritus and sins of our youth.

    Aging also means loss of muscle mass and diminished strength - that's why, when I was a young man I could've kicked all your asses (except maybe Bluestrat's), but now I'm old, weak and fragile.

    Playing guitar now for any length of time makes my back sore - I'm a righty, and it's the muscle next to my spine (the tenderloin) and under the shoulder blade on the right side. Happens sitting or standing, but sooner standing. I'm assuming this is due to loss of strength.

    What do you guys think? And do you know how to make it better?

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    Maybe take up mandolin?


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      I have found that when I get sore from a repetitive activity, like guitaring, it is my fault....adjust your strap, change your angle of attack...

      I had a similar issue when I switched back to playing acoustics recently (because I suddenly acquired three new ones [all black ] within a two year period, and decided I should work on my solo act), and it came down to strap lengths and positioning. So I also took up ukelele (yes, two of the three are black!) and found it helped ease the discomfort, so  Ifigured I was on to something.

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        I find that any activity where the upper half of my body is angled forward at the waist will give me the kind of pain you describe Bob.I guess it comes from muscles supporting more weight than they are accustomed to compared to an upright posture. As DM says, I suppose you will have to play around with your posture until you find a more comfortable way. I'm looking for some enjoyable form of exercise that will help improve my upper body muscle tone to help combat it.

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      I reluctantly started playing a 6lb SG instead of my favorite 9 lb SG ... that helps. :smileystatic:


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        33 yrs of leaning over guitars on my bench and traveling have taken their toll on me. I've got a bone disease that is fusing my vertebrae together one at a time. I'm up to 4 on my mid back & 4 in my neck. It's affected my playing quite a lot. It really affects my mood. It's not the same thing Mick Mars has, but it's progressive & incurable. I've tried everything to no avail. Narcotics work best, but then you are dealing with the nightmare that narcotics are. It's pretty frustrating.