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  • Sexy or Not?

    Miley Cyrus' is doing her utmost to attract attention with her recent nudity and weird twerking moves. And part of her shtick is to extend her tongue.

    Now, I appreciate a nice tongue as much as the next guy, but her's looks all coated and nasty. Yuck!






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    F*** 'em if they can't take a joke!

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    That tongue looks like it's been doing a bit of work (to it's logical conclusion). I'm trying to be careful in what I say as I do no wish to be banned.
    Conclusion, she does not appeal to me at all. I'm more into Helena Bonham Carter or Rosanna Arquette.
    Professor Tom


    • Lonnie99
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      As Hannah Montana she was mildly talented as an actor. Good enough for disney anyway. As a serious artist of any caliber she is a total failure. Yet another instance of someone famous for being famous. Hopefully she will disappear soon.

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    Not even a little.

    I'm Brian of Nazareth


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      Well she's a might too skinny for me, and she looks like she's been licking a chalkboard. Can't speak to her talent at all because I'm completely ignorant of her work.




      • kolapsar
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        Whats everyone thing about Kim kardashians post baby sideboob selfie



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