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This year's list of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees:

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  • This year's list of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees:

    • The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
    • Chic
    • Deep Purple
    • Peter Gabriel
    • Hall & Oates
    • Kiss
    • LL Cool J
    • Nirvana
    • N.W.A.
    • Link Wray
    • The Meters
    • The Replacements
    • Linda Ronstadt
    • Cat Stevens
    • Yes
    • The Zombies

    In your opinion who should make it and who shouldn't ?

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    I don't consider rap to be R&R myself, but I'm just old and in the way.

    I also hated Kiss from the get-go.

    On the other hand, I like some of the Chic stuff.

    But the RRHF is more about the money than the music, right?

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      Smilin' Bob wrote:

      But the RRHF is more about the money than the music, right?

      One has to keep in mind that it's NOT "The Rock & Roll Hall of Really Good Music", it's "The Rock & Roll Hall of FAME".

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    It's pretty hard to believe that Link Wray isn't already in...Criminal really. Deep Purple as well. Some of those bands aren't even really rock bands. Paul Butterfield was GREAT. But I still think of his music as blues. Chic??Really?? Don't think so. Nirvana is an obvious choice..Linda Ronstadt rocked and always had top drawer bands..But I don't know that she could be considered rock really. Love her music and own a lot of it..But she came at from more of a country rock slant. LLCoolJ be cool, but he not be rock. YES definetly rocked..Steve Howe wasn't bull****************tin' around even if he did like big guitars. No one can deny KISS's impact, and maybe they should be in simply on the basis of "I wanna rock n roll all night". Come on, you know you like it even if Gene Simmons is a capitalistic troll that thinks he's a genius. "Tea for the Tillerman" is great album but Stevens ain't a rocker. The Zombies...THEY aren't in yet??? WTF? Peter Gabriel...No brainer..He belongs there simply on the basis of his work with Genesis..Add to that his solo catalog..Gotta have him on the wall.. Hall and Oates were a pop and pseudosoul act. No sir..Not IMHO.

    G.E. Smith and Tom Wolk were awesome though. They need to have a whole category added for studio and backup musicians. But that's a different conversation, and I've rattled on enough.