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    In China you often see a man with his arm around the shoulder of his male companion, or two guys walking along holding hands. It means nothing sexulal and nobody takes it that way.

    In our culture, male/male hugs (and butt pats!) are accepted in sports, but can be suspect in other contexts.

    I have gotten more demonstrably affectionate as I have grown older and other people's perceptions of my masculinity isn't something I feel compelled to worry about.

    My friends (male and female) have started to drop the body with alarming frequency, so I want to be sure the ones I have left know that I love and cherish them. I frequently hug and sometimes give my best male friends a brotherly peck on the cheek.


    NOTE: The absence of smilies in this post should not be taken to mean that I think your post is stupid, nor that I loath, despise, or hate you; nor that I disrespect you and all your works; nor that I see you as victim or lawful prey; nor think you have the intellect of half a loaf of bread; nor that I find you disgusting or unworthy or otherwise hate your behavior, opinions, politics, gender, sexual orientation, culture, ethnic background or language.

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    what is acceptable in one country, as you well know, is often deemed either offensive, illegal or obscene in others. Our society (western, in general) is so homophobic, it is an absolute shame. I hug my male friends [even my bandmates! ];  I don't care who sees it. I am secure in my masculinity. The holding hands thing, okay, that I'm not comfortable with...but only because, to me, it is an extremely 'initimate' gesture. I have seen it in Asia as well, and did not assume it was sexual.

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      some people are paranoid to show affection..... that's too bad.  My fam is pretty huggy and everyone is cool with that, it means nothing other than you love and care about the other person.   People who write anything more into it are the ones with the problem.