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Pawnshop find.


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  • Pawnshop find.

    No, it's not a stupid guitar, screw that crap, it's an old Stevens model 79 12 gauge I snagged at a pawnshop for $125 last Tuesday. Took it along to the inlaw's farm in Iowa on thankgiving and blasted a bunch of clay birds with it. Works great, though it must have a 'duck plug' in the magazine because it will only load two rounds in the tube in addition to one in the chamber.

    I think it kinda dresses up the 'ol guitar room, creates an interesting visual juxtaposition, if I do say so myself.


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    Guns, Girls and Guitars,

    Motorcycles and Hotrods!

    Happy New Shot Gun Day!



    Happy New 12 Gauge Day!


    My HC Classified Thread


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      You need to hang a corpse of some sort in there to complete the visual juxtaposition. Happy new firearm day.


      • happy hours
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        nice find

      • J Backlund
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        koiwoi wrote:
        You need to hang a corpse of some sort in there to complete the visual juxtaposition. Happy new firearm day.


        I have a big fiberglass fish, will that work?

        600 pix 2.jpg


        Here, let's try this one, it has all the strange elements in one picture...Antique Russian rifle (1927), 'dead' fiberglass fish, classy guitars, goofy 'constructions', even managed a little accordian in there...the whole nine yards.

        600 pix.jpg

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      Now you're talkin'! Jetsons meets Wyatt Erp.


      • daddymack
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        For $125 that Stevens is a great find! I don't suppose it came with choke tubes?

        Oh, and thanks JB, you reminded me to pull the duck plug* out of my Mossie 500....and is that a Moisin Nagant?




        *for those who are not into firearms...a duck plug is just a dowel [or piece of tubing] inserted into the magazine tube of a pump shot gun that limits the magazine to two rounds.  Why would you do that? Because Federal migratory hunting regulations specify a maximum of 3 rounds in the weapon when hunting, so that is two in the magazine tube, one in the chamber. Get caught duck/goose hunting without a 'plug' in, and you are in the deep yogurt....I don't use my Mossie for hunting, so I don't need the plug installed.

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      needs a floyd.