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List Your Saving Money Tips... :woot:


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  • List Your Saving Money Tips... :woot:

    List Your Saving Money Tips


    Tips, that you have found

    That save U money


    I like 2 save Money!


    My HC Classified Thread

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    Don't buy stuff.

    You'll save tons of $$$

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    • OU8124ME
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      I shop @ Costco

      I buy the Rotisserie Chickens ( a lot )

      Wash in cold water only

      I dilute my Dishwashing soap

      I don't use the full scoop of powder laundry detergent

      When I find something on sale, I buy more than I need

      I buy my gasoline @ Costco 2, when I can

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    always buy American guitars, It will always keep you whole.


    • Miss Flannery
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      I write checks with other peoples checks. ..saves me tons on groceries!