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  • Concert Ticket Stubs 4U

    Hi, Y'all. OU8124ME asked me to post some memorabilia of mine, so, hey, why not...

    Jimi Ticket.JPG

    Dorton Arena is in Raleigh, NC on the state fair grounds. Mitch Mitchell's band Fat Mattress opened. This was like the second or third Experience show after they broke away from the Monkees tour. More trivia: Mitch and Jimi were using Sunn amps, I read later that it would have been too expensive (or there wasn't enough time) to ship their Marshalls from England, as well as converting them from 220v to 110v.

    Zep Ticket.JPG

    ^^^Some of the footage from this show made it into "The Song Remains the Same," probably just the rushing away from the venue in the limo's footage. The green laser pyramid effect was really impressive live, seems kind of lame now, but it was cutting edge back then...


    I went to both Atlanta Pop Festivals, this stub is from the first one. This was one of the first LZ dates in the US. They came on right before Spirit...a lot of people have noted similarities between "Stairway to Heaven" and a Randy California song, "Taurus."

    The second Atlanta Pop the next year, Hendix came on at midnight July 4 with a fireworks show in the background. It was the same band as at Woodstock. The next day, the Allman Brothers homies announced to the world that they, too, were a world class band. I'd seen them a couple times previously that year, and I tended to agree.


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    Let that boy boogie woogie. It in him, an' it got to come out.

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    Thanks Eddie!

    Nice text write up, too

    Yeah, really cool, memories

    4 U, I bet


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