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    Alright guys, I've been thinking of putting some gold gibson pup covers on my JS1000bp.

    Will it be badass, or too blingy? The main reason I want them is because the logo on the headstock is the only gold on the guitar, and I hate the look of uncovered pups. I'm going for a bronze-y gold. 

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    If U like It

    Its Cool

    and thats All that matters


    I think it will look good


    Lay the guitar down on the Floor (Carpet)

    Set the covers on top of the strings, over the PU's 

    and take a look

    I like the JS1000 - 1200

    Satch ( Satriani )




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    Love JS and his tone. His slow melodic leads are killer. I wish there was less of the technical gymnastics stuff, but that's purely personal taste. He's a legend.


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      I have two guitars with gold hardware. Gold looks great when it's new, but it is usually very thin and wears through fairly soon (depending on how much you play).


      But then you have an instrument you relicked yourself, which is cool (unlike, in my opinion), new "relicked" guitars which are less so.

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        what color is the guitar? If the BP is the Black Pearl, then I would leave it the whammy bar chrome, or black? What color are the knobs, black?

        Unless you are going to change all the hardware on the axe to gold, I would leave it alone...but that would look really knobs, gold whammy/bridge, gold tuners...maybe a brass nut, too...

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          It's bone stock. All hardware is black. But it's not like the hardware stands out, it actually blends with the guitar's finish very nicely so it's not like I'm going to have 4 different colors.. I guess I'm just trying to get a cheap black beauty haha 

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        It changes the tone a bit. I've tried them on and off. Once I took the neck cover alone off and liked the tone  but they all sound different to my ears. Gold looks good. It wears out and still looks good.