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Vivaldi on the elelctric slide balalika

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  • Vivaldi on the elelctric slide balalika


    Recorded this quite a while ago, finally put it up on Youtube. With some pictures from the new place we just moved to my wife and I. Hopefully you can see why, with the sea about three minutes walk away from our apartment it's the prettiest place we've ever lived in.  

    About the recording... I have played this tune in the streets a lot so recordings were made pretty fast, I think this is second take after we failed the first one at a very early stage. The bass player knows classical music and had a chord chart and improvised a line instead of reading the one Vivaldi has written. To be bold, my bass player's line is better than the written one which is very... eh, basic.

    The drummer was told to "play it like a jazz ballad" and hadn't heard it before this recording. He works best that way (and don't they all?).

    There are two balalikas and I used both my instruments for this, but through the same amp with the same settings (and I think that was a Fender Deluxe). The lead part is played on the older of the two balalaikas, the one that has the slightly deeper voice and that was done live with the bass and the drums, the other was an overdub done a few days later (once I had learnt the part).

    It's faster than I had planned it but I kinda liked that afterwards. I am happy with it, proud even. It's one of the better things I've recorded. Well, it's great music to start with, Vivaldi knew his stuff. Hope you like it.

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    Very nice, Terje! And very nice to hear from you again after so long!


    Best Christmas and New Years wishes to you and your wife!

    NOTE: The absence of smilies in this post should not be taken to mean that I think your post is stupid, nor that I loath, despise, or hate you; nor that I disrespect you and all your works; nor that I see you as victim or lawful prey; nor think you have the intellect of half a loaf of bread; nor that I find you disgusting or unworthy or otherwise hate your behavior, opinions, politics, gender, sexual orientation, culture, ethnic background or language.

    F*** 'em if they can't take a joke!


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      Pretty cool. It's funny how you're playing electric guitar style thru that strange thing


      • Terje Larsson
        Terje Larsson commented
        Editing a comment

        Hey guys, thanks!

        Yeah, facebook makes me forget this place :smileyembarrassed:

        Merry Christmas to you both. And to everyone else here BTW! .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

        And yes Stonedtone, I play with what's basically mainly a guitar technique. Hey, it's all I know .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" /> 

        It's not even tuned like a balalaika either, it's tuned like a three stringed mandolin (hence the sense in learning some classical mandolin music). And then I play slide and use fingerpicks... the Russians would cringe!

        I got a few more, I'll post them as they get uploaded.