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  • What's in YOUR glass?

    This thread is dedicated to adult beverages. What's your favorite? Run accross a new cocktail recipe? Obscure craft beer? Whatever has caught your fancy lately, share it with us! :smiley-eatdrink004:


    Being a bourbon fan, I'm always on the lookout for something special. I just picked up a bottle of Beam Signature Craft a few days ago and I'm pretty impressed with how smooth it is.



    The next time I make it down to Charleston, I'm going by Total Wine to pick up some St. Bernardus Abt 12. It's supposed to be on a par with the Trappists' beer, which I am way too cheap to pay for, so this looks like it's worth trying.



    So, what's in your glass, lately?



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    I'm a Scotch drinker, and my every day fave is  blend, The Famous Grouse. I do like single malts as well. I do not like any Johnny Walker variety.


    For beer, I'm a Pacifico fan; as far as I'm concerned:

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      Try 'Highland Park' which is actually from The Orkneys and a fine taste and scotch fans seem to like it. My personal favourite is 'Laphroiag' from Islay which is very peaty and aromatic.
      In a little village on the Fife coast (Lower Largo) there is a hotel called the Robinson Crusoe (Alexander Selkirk the man who inspired the book) with a pub with whiskers that line the walls. An impressive sight.

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    A lady friend left the better part of a bottle of Van Gogh PBJ [peanut butter and jelly] infused vodka here after a party a couple weeks is not what I look for in an on-the-rocks 'evening sipper'...okay, I'll say it : GAWD OFFAL...I do like the Van Gogh chocolate and coffee infused versions though..much more subtle.

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      Something interesting....

      Gogle use glasses

      water drink in glasses

      car having clasess

      window closed by classes.....

      Bottles are classes :smiley-music012:

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    Whisky is my newfound love. (Not JD) Most types Scottish or Irish are great. So much better than beer in the winter ; )


    Not bad for song writing either! 




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      This week it has been San Miguel beeer ( they have strong version now called 'red horse') and Tanduay Rhum...about $2 a bottle....gotta go with the local stuff when in Rome...

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    I like to support the local brewers. I met the owner. He claims to still be in the red. Good beer


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      Stonedtone wrote:

      I like to support the local brewers. I met the owner. He claims to still be in the red. Good beer

      I checked out their website and saw an SC distributor. I thought I might get a chance to try it out, so I checked the distributors link. It really doesn't say anything about beer on the site. I'm not sure what's up with that..png" alt=":smileyfrustrated:" title="Smiley Frustrated" />

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     I prefer Macallans 12 year old...But can't afford it. So most times cheap Scotch.JB, Ballantines, Scoresby....But I'll drink piss out of a boot if it's got alcohol in it.