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Amplitube 3 midi control problems, using HD500 and FCB1010 as midi controller

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  • Amplitube 3 midi control problems, using HD500 and FCB1010 as midi controller

    Hello, The problem I am having, now that Amplitube does not use X gear, is that it seems to forget my midi settings easy. I save each patch as well as preset after changing the number. The way I've made it work so far is to do one at a time, exit the program, reload the program, change another patch to another midi number, and then exit and reload again. Which can get quite annoying.

    The HD500 is a great midi controller. I have messed with many midi controllers as my live rig is an 1101 with a Mesa 50/50 power amp. Although I do not prefer the HD500 for it's sound (It doesn't react like a real amp like the 1101 or amplitube for recording) It is the best midi controller I can find. I like how I can bring it up in the program on my Mac and set the midi numbers. If I'm not around my computer, it's also easy to do it. It's not like other midi controllers where I have to hold down 3 buttons at once and do a lot of things to program it. It's very easy to program. Including the values. The Wah on it is easy to calibrate and be programmed with amplitube as well as my 1101.

    I have heard the HD500 is great for midi controlling the axe fx also as it's so easy to use and really there is nothing it can't do. It also allows to hook up to the FCB1010 midi controller so sometimes I do that, and use the FCB1010 to control the banks and the HD500 to control the rack effects, stomp box's, and Wah.

    But that's kinda the ground work of what I'm doing. My point is, amplitube works fine until I start making new patch's and then it seems to conflict with the old ones even though the midi number isn't the same.

    Anyone else notice this?

    I am talking about amplitube on Mac OSX, not the IOS verisons. It is Amplitube 3.12 combined with amplitube metal.

    BTW, to add to this for anyone reading, anyone looking for some amazing Cab impulses for recording, amplitube has them. Some of the best I've heard. And I've tried all the popular ones. It comes stock with the Orange cabinet and good microphones. The orange cabinet, actually sounds like the orange cabinet. The 5150 sim sounds good going through it. It has a custom shop store, so if there is a cab impulse that isn't in there, it's probably in the custom shop for pretty cheap. You can use these cabs and effects with other amp sims as well.

    I know some guys who use the axe fx to record with and turn the cab off and use the cab sims from amplitube when recording. I know redwirez is popular and I thought it was good as well but it didn't compare to the amplitube ones.

    For those of you who do not know, Amplitube is far beyond pod farm, guitar rig, and some of the other programs. It responds and feels like a real amp. On a recording, I literally cannot tell the difference. I ended up selling my 5150 as I only used it for recording, it wasn't versatile enough to use live. I can't tell any difference in a recording with amplitube.

    To anyone who wants to test it out, there is a free version. Also keep in mind, get a strong input signal or it won't sound good. Turn your pre amp knob on your interface up until it's pretty much about to clip and you'll get a really good sound. If you keep the input low, it will not sound like I mentioned.

    It definitely kills the Pod HD500 for recording. But I'm glad I have the POD HD500 because it's a nice midi controller and I'd buy one again for a midi controller. Better than any midi controller I've messed with before.

    Anyone have a solution for the midi to stop doing this, It would be welcomed.

    Please don't be cynical. I'm not interested in arguing or how you explaining to me how you don't think amplitube is any good. It doesn't matter what you think to me in that sense because I've tried it all and for recording it's the best tool I've ever seen. Amplitube 3 the original was not. But since the updates it has massively changed the way I look at it.

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    I've read where the FCB1010 doesn't use the same midi architecture as other midi units do. I was looking to buy one for my ART2000 and found out it wouldn't work properly with many different midi units so I passed on taking the chance on it. I hear it works fine with the Behringer units and I seem to remember someone modding one to work with other gear. Maybe it was something with the chips. Its been a few years but I'm sure you can Google it up. Maybe you can upgrade the chip as mentioned here to get rid of the bugs.

    There's more info on it here.