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Initial uninformed opinion on Boss GP-10?

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  • Initial uninformed opinion on Boss GP-10?

    I figure this is a good place for asking VG fans if the last update hasn't totally nuked this subforum. So Roland/Boss dropped this at Musik Messe: http://www.rolandus.com/blog/2014/03...tar-processor/ So VG, GR, and COSM in one box sounds like a lot. But I don't know those worlds yet. So I'm hoping I'm asking those who know: Are the indicators that this is going to be reasonably serious kit or just a toy?

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    Boss makes some decent multi effects units. I haven't heard that one specifically but I've heard many of its big brothers and they are very versatile for getting different tones.

    I'm not into the whole programing thing myself. I only use multi effect units like that when I'm recording where I have time to tweak all my parameters in.
    I've used them live but I prefer to have pedals I can tweak at a moments notice and not have to dig through menus to tweak one out of a thousand different
    tweaks. In other words if I have to think about my gear on stage my mind isn't going to be on the audience.

    If you have the knack for it and want to build all your presets in banks its an excellent way to go.
    In my case I use many different guitars, and when I switch them out all the presets I built for one may or may not be any good for another guitar.
    There is a Boss ME - 50 I thought about buying. Its got allot of knobs for hands on tweaking and it might better suit live work.

    I have seen many guitarists go the multi unit routs but there aren't many who can make them sound really good live.
    Mainly because they tweak the settings in a small room at low volume. Then when they play live and crank it up
    all those settings sound horrible, especially having too much drive so they play at lower volumes.

    If you go that route, be sure you build your settings at stage level amp settings, then use them at lower volumes.
    This is a matter of gain staging and how the ears perceive sounds at higher or lower volumes so the closer you can be
    in volume building presets the better. You'll find you don't use nearly as much drive and effects at higher volumes than you do
    at lower volumes.


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      Bulk of known information on Boss GP-10 is here:
      Since the new "Boss Tone Central" is for downloading "Artist Patches" only - VGuitarForums will soon be offering resources for user to user patch sharing, same as we currently do for all DSP Guitar modelers

      Best Video describing Boss GP-10 features is here:
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        Boss GP-10 Manual is here:

        (Its in Dutch only right now)


        (Loose English Translation is here

        Apparently there will soon be a more complete separate companion document called

        "Boss GP-10 Parameter Guide" (PDF).

        And it will show up here soon
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