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Got an Axon 100MKII incoming, need pickup..suggestions?


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  • Got an Axon 100MKII incoming, need pickup..suggestions?

    I've been using a my friends Roland GR-09/GK-3 to trigger Logic soft sythns and decided I need one of these rigs. I found an used Axon 100 on craigslist but I'll be needing a pickups.

    How much of a difference is that between pickups? Should I just pick up a Roland?

    Thanks for any replies.



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    I use a RMC piezo system and have the 13 pin jack built directly into my guitar. Works really well although requires mods to your guitar and will be expensive.


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      RMC is much better, but you have to make room for the electronics in your guitar's body cavity. Warmoth guitar parts does make strat and tele bodies for variax electronics, but I do not know if they make them for the RMC or GHOST system or not. But you could always try a GK-3 and see if it is good enough for you.

      If not, you can sell it and use the money to get a godin Freeway SA. It already has the 13 pin RMC pickup system built into it and is about as cheap as you can get for a 13 pin guitar.

      Also, if you want, you can also try a roland ready strat with the GK pickup built in, but in my book the difference between RMC and GK pickups is like night and day. I know, I had both kinds.

      And though they do not make them anymore the Brian moore 81.13 guitar was one of my very first RMC equpped guitars, you can sometimes find them on ebay for $300.00 to $400.00. The Guitar pickups are not that great and it is a chinese made guitar, but it works decently. You could always change out the pickups and tuners and have a decent 13 pin guitar for not a whole lot of money if you can find one.


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        Thanks for the replies.

        My buddy is letting me hang on to his GK-3 equipped tele for the time being. I just plugged the AXON in for the first time yesterday and it works. Seems to track better than my friends GR-09. (put it through some Logic soft synths - this is gonna be fun).

        I have a luthier/guitar tech who has custom built me a few guitars (Rick Kelly). I'm going to ask him about installing an RMC in one of my guitars. Though depending on the price, I might end up with a GK-3 for a while.

        BTW, if anyone is interested if you click on my Soundclick link, there's a tune I did with the GR-09/Logic. All the "keyboard" parts are guitar, even the piano, came out pretty good. It's called Hard Freeze.

        Once again thanks for the suggestions.




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          If you want a really good 13 pin MIDI guitar pickup, you can try the GHOST pickup by graphtech.

          They make kits just like RMC does to put in guitars.



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            Ditto. I love my setup in my RG. It didn't require any routing over standard.
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