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use two Zoom G2


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  • use two Zoom G2

    I was thinking about purchasing another Zoom G2 unit that is very cheap on 2nd hand, so I could use one for OD/comp/trem and another one for amp sim/chorus/delay.
    What do you think?

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    About 15 years ( or more )ago I had two small Zoom units. This was before much modeling so they were multi-effects units. I had a blast with them. I would use one as my main effects in the fx loop and the other I had running sometimes in series, sometimes in parallel with a volume pedal on the input. I don't think there was even much in the way of expression pedals going on at the time but thats essentially the effect I got by adding a bit of the second unit in at certain moments. It created a much more expressive and dynamic sound. I could send one tremelo in series into another and get a doubling or tripling of the pulse. And have some more distortion being added in at the same time. In series the units were totally interactive. In parallel things could be kept a little cleaner. More like adding a second voice as opposed to intensifying one. Lot's of fun in either case.