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  • Amplitube gear credits promotion

    Until the end of the month you can buy Amplitube Custom Shop Credits (to buy individual pieces of Amplitube gear) and you get at least triple what you pay for (depending on how many people buy credits). It is somewhat of a group by promotion. They have very nice gear, like Soldano, Jet, and Orange amps, Seymour Duncan and TRex stomps, and so on. You can try anything for two days before buying it, in the free Amplitube Custom Shop. You can download Amplitube CS here.

    Beware that collections, like Amplitube Slash, Amplitube 3, Amplitube Metal, etc, cannot be bought with credits, even though they are listed in Custom Shop just like any other piece of gear. You can buy collections only with US dollars.

    I purchased credits to buy Amplitube Fender and I am having a hard time trying to get a refund, because commercial support is completely unresponsive.

    Edit: after I posted a complaint on their customer forum, support contacted me. My post was deleted, but at least I got someone's attention. After I got their attention, cancelling the order and obtaining a refund was not that hard.

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    Today is the last day of this promotion and, since the 2000 purchases mark has been reached, you get four times the credits you pay for. Sounds like a good deal to me.