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    Someone just send me this video... absolutely amazing technology

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    The technology is cool; that's why I upgraded to Editor when it came out a couple of years ago. Still haven't used the polyphonic correction, though. I mean, the guitar is tuned and intonated before it's recorded. I'm sure there are more creative uses for it, but like I have the time.


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      Yeah, I've had it for a while too. It works best on "clean" voices from my experience. If you have a singer that has a husky or gritty voice, it's harder to work with.

      But, I've saved a LOT of vocal sessions with this program - WELL worth it !


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        I mean, the guitar is tuned and intonated before it's recorded.

        Not perfectly. That's physically impossible unless using a true-tempered fretboard. Guitars with less than stellar setups and/or players with improper technique (such as being heavy handed) can make things even more out of tune. I think the polyphonic mode potentially has loads of use, especially if perhaps you're a mixing engineer and the recording engineer didn't hear that some chords were out of tune, thus the guitar player wasn't able to punch-in and retune for those chords. I haven't used it myself though, so I don't know how well it works.