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Question about the GR-20 MIDI


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  • Question about the GR-20 MIDI

    Hey there. I am not new to the forums but am new and very interested in MIDI guitar. I have the chance to pick up a GR20 with the GK3 pick up for what I think is a good price locally.

    I know that it has MIDI in and out, and was curious to know if these can be used to trigger outboard synths like an Access Virus or possibly my soft synths that came with Komplete?

    If so, how is the tracking? I'm anxiously awaiting the Triple Play but want to dive in as soon as possible.
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    I haven't used the GR20 but I have a GR33 (and VG99) and have owned a GR30 and GR50 in the past so I think I can give you a general answer to your question. I've found that going midi out from a Roland guitar synth to an external synth, for the most part has not yielded optimal results in regard to tracking. I can get away with it sometimes because the sounds I'm triggering are sustained pads, choirs, strings, etc. for ambient music. But when you get into playing something that requires faster or more intricate fingering it often results in misfires and glitches. Roland guitar synths tend to track better on their internal sound, and even within those, some will track better or worse than others. It would be good it you could try it out before buying to see if it works for your needs.


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      Don't know about GR-20.

      But my VG-99 triggering an external acoustic piano softsynth sounds like this:

      Acoustic piano with strings from the Apple Garageband app:

      Apple garage band acoustic piano with internal VG-99 "synths"
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        I've had a GR-20 for several years, and have used it live & in the studio frequently; but have only used it a couple times to drive midi into another module. I encountered no problems; but the lower strings tend to track more slowly than the higher ones.

        Over time, I've found that I've learned to subconciously compensate for tracking latency with my playing technique. It's not something that happened quickly; it's developed over several years of using it. So if you're buying one today for a gig this weekend you'll likely be unhappy with how it goes...