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Polyphonic "MIDI Guitar" app turns ANY guitar into a MIDI monster


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  • Polyphonic "MIDI Guitar" app turns ANY guitar into a MIDI monster

    MIDI Guitar is a software solution that turns any guitar into a polyphonic midi monster.

    It's 5 years(!) under development and based upon new patent-pending polyphonic pitch detection

    and -prediction technology that can accurately recognize polyphonic signals, such as complex chords

    or finger-playing with very low latency and without spurious hits.

    MIDI Guitar exists as standalone Desktop and App versions, and also as VST and AudioUnit plugins for workstations.

    At this time they are all FREE to download for evaluation.

    Preview video by David Wallimann:


    Demonstration of the app version:


    Early Access Download:

    You can find instructions to download MIDI Guitar here:



    Nice product, how can I get involved?

    We would like MIDI Guitar development to be driven by real users and real needs.

    Please help us frame the product in this thread and share your thoughts and ideas.

    Let us know if you can help making video or audio material of MIDI Guitar in action or can help with UI re-design.

    Will it transcribe a bass or other instruments?

    No, not yet. It is heavily tweaked for guitars. We will consider other instruments later.

    Can I use it to post-process and get MIDI out of recordings?

    Yes, but have in mind that it will not take advantage of non-realtime analysis yet. It's also heavily tweaked for clean single instrument guitar tracks, so the general Audio-To-MIDI VST is a different kind of product that we will consider next.

    Is this as good as it gets?

    No, its not - we have plenty of headroom for improvements. The current version of MIDI Guitar without any prior knowledge about your type of guitar, pickups, intonation or playing style. It also runs on a tight CPU budget, even on an iPhone. It's more like a throttled down version of what the near future will bring.

    We hope you have fun with it!


    Company info: JamOrigin.com

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    I look forward to evaluating this. Crazy!
    music projects are now available online at http://aliensporebomb.com


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      Pretty cool!

      How much latency are you typically getting?

      Is there an Android version in the future pipeline?


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        Customer Reviews

        Great recognition quality

        by Mark Barlow2

        Very impressed with this. After picking this up I played with the piano sounds for 1 hour straight. Very inspiring. I'm getting the add on to lay down some tracks in Logic.

        VooDoo inside

        by LakeShoreDriver

        Wow, this thing is magical. As stated by another reviewer, works comparably to a (much more costly) Roland midi guitar setup. Note recognition is simply impressive. Only issue is latency which I expect the developer will improve with time. Very useable with the right synth patches.. soft or slow attacks. Hard, fast attack patches will only work/feel right at slower tempos. But whatever, its amazing for a measly five bucks. Please buy and support its development. The technology under the hood is groundbreaking!!!!!


        works as advertised

        by Michal Falta

        This app has supernatural powers, for slow playing its as good as my GR20 roland synth and GK-3 pickup, for faster playing there are a few missed notes, but nothing to complain about. thank you.

        So by these posts on the apple store I am guessing this tracks reasonably well, but probably not as well as an axon for faster notes.


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          Starting today, everyone can access the Open Beta version of MIDI Guitar!

          I have updated the first post in this thread with further information.


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            thats really interesting will give it a try.


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              This is absolutely awesome. I just downloaded and gave it a try using Cakewalk Sound Center and Cakewalk Studio Instruments... played pianos, flutes, horns, orchestra string sections... I still need understand exactly how to make it work with my DAW and and a MIDI/USB cable plugged into my laptop, but I see endless applications for it. Thanks a lot for this!


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                Thanks guys!

                Updated first post with a preview video by David Wallimann.