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looks like Roland/boss is holding fast on the hex Twin pedal concept

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  • looks like Roland/boss is holding fast on the hex Twin pedal concept

    there are a couple of new ones.


    I actually like the idea, just not the execution so much (I've had the WP and the octave)

    and it would be kind of neat if you could chain them in hex format (so the hex processing is preserved), but that's a big overhead thing.


    Still, I think they could do some neat stuff with a nice, trim interface for those folks who don't want to go VG


    Why they don't release an updated GR-300 in twin format (sort of like the Space echo) is beyond me.  I think that could really fit.  The wave processor even had potential, but they just didn't quite hit the mark and it was a little too stripped down feature-set wise (envelope control, filtering and so on)

    I think they could just use the GR-300 update as a jumping off point, I used to use one and it was a fun little box, they could cure up some of the technical limitations in digital

    but either way, the branding of GR-300 would be a positive sales point I think/.


    I regret ever selling mine

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    I saw those new pedals and was excited until I realized there is no way to link them or another device via midi. Each one is a digital dead end so to speak, just analog out. I don't get it except for maybe price point. I wish each one was more like a full midi guitar interface with GR55 style tracking and midi out. That would be perfect for someone like myself who likes that aspect but not particularly turned on by Roland's sounds. Opens up the door for other makes of midi sound modules, etc.

      Or did I miss something?