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    I think this would be the right place for the subject. Seems most people I've read elsewhere discussing the Vortex were involved in all kinds of signal processing. I've been working with the Vortex for 5-6 years now and still love certain things about it. But I'm feeling less enamored now a days. I'm curious if there are folks who are still as enthusiatic about it. How are you using it? Is the 'morphing' thing working for you? I ask that because it one of the most unique aspects of the machine. But I don't find it all that useful. If I sit and carefully look/listen in all the in-between possibilities I can find a rare bit of magic that is interesting but the whole sweep isn't necessarily something I want to use.

          The way the machine is organized internally and the way the programs route and reroute the signals is very useable and I've spent endless hours, enjoyably, tweaking and saving programs. Maybe too much so as I've begun to feel that there is a certain 'sameness' to the sounds that's hard to get away from. All machines have a certain character so I guess it finally comes down to how limited ( or limitless) the possibilities are. One of the limitations that's bugging me is the overall sound quality. I don't think anyone would argue that it's the quietest machine in the world. I'm basically trying to decide if it stays in my rack or get's relegated to the studio. Anybody having similar experiences?

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     Mine loses half it's banks (mostly my favorites) after it's been on for about 24 hours. I've never used it in my live rig, and the morphing thing never took hold with me either, really. Considering trying it in the mix right now for a rhythm guitar track, and compressing the returns to get a little more action out of the morph. Doesn't strike me as noisy - and yeah, mine is off a lot though. Hahaha. When I do have it on I have to know what I'm going to do with it and go for it. 24 hours and 'CHOIR' defaults to 'MAZE'. I keep plugging it in from time to time, hoping that it will come around.

    Just a thought, just in case...if the voice you're feeding it is pretty much always the same voice, there's only so much it can do.


    Hmmm. Mid March. Go ahead, take a breath.


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      Hey, HC threw me a notice so I caught this. I haven't chucked the Vortex but I did replace it in my gig rig with another oldish Lexi, the MPX1. Much more possibilities sound wise with 5 effects in any configuration all at once. It was initially released as a 16 bit but was later upgraded to 24 bit. So far I'm loving it. Figured worse case scenario it would come in handy in the studio for outboard processing which is what I've relegated the Vortex to. It was always just getting my guitar at first but even after I started sending synth sounds into it I found it a little more useful but not inspiring. So I guess I basically agree with your assesment as per always using it for guitar. I do think it will be fun for some intersesting textures on tracks. I've spent enough time on it that I can tweak it to where I think I want it pretty fast. I think a lot of the noise was from putting it in the effects loop of a tube amp. Haven't had any problems with it like what you're describing. You might be able to find somebody to work on it. I found a guy who does upgrades on a bunch of stuff and was willing to see what he could do with it. But for repair it quickly becomes debateable as they can be found  around $350 on eBay.