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How can I add some analog / tube / saturation / warm goodness to my signal chain?


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  • How can I add some analog / tube / saturation / warm goodness to my signal chain?


    How can I add some analog / tube / saturation / warm goodness to my signal chain?

    Here's my signal chain :

    Guitar > Apogee Duet 2 In > Guitar Rig 5 (with GTR Ground for midi controller) > Apogee Duet 2 Balance Out > Emotiv Airmotiv 6 monitors ( http://emotivapro.com/products/power.../airmotiv6.php )

    It doesn't seem to make sense to put a tube preamp between guitar & interface so should I consider between interface out and my monitors? Should it be a preamp or a poweramp? I don't know the difference?


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      You could just get a tube preamp and use the effects loop for guitar rig. Not sure how well that would work with your monitors.

      I use a triaxis and love it. But it's also going into a rack power stage and into a 2X12 with V30s.


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        Tube pre amp won't make much of a difference. Tube power amp will.

        Guitar Rig 5 will output to a tube power amp, and then you can run it to monitors or a real guitar cab, depending on the monitors.

        To do this, you need an interface that will do it. Which it looks like you already have. Just run the out to 1/4 quarter inch into the tube power amp and run the tube power amp to whatever you want.

        Some monitors will hook up to a tube power amp, some will not. It depends on what type of input they have.

        A tube pre amp, when it comes to doing what you are doing, won't be noticeable that much. I do use a tube pre amp also for recording.

        I mic my guitar cabinet, and then that goes into a tube mic pre amp, and then that goes into my saffire pro 40 interface. And I don't use it's pre amps, I use an external one with tubes. And it does make a difference in that situation. But that is a recording situation.

        But I have but a tube pre amp before the interface with guitar when using amplitube. Because my mic pre amp has a guitar input as well. So I tried it to see if that made a difference.

        I'm not going to say it doesn't make any difference. But it doesn't make enough of a difference to justify doing it.

        The tube power amp, that will make a huge difference. That will turn guitar rig 5 into a digital pre amp going into a tube power amp, which is basically what a hybrid modeling guitar amp is. Digital pre amp, into an all tube power amp.

        But, it's even better to just go ahead and get an external digital pre amp over guitar rig 5, for live use. If you're just recording, I wouldn't even bother with the tube power amp.