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Roland GP-8 - Need a rack mount MP3 player and help with connections please


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  • Roland GP-8 - Need a rack mount MP3 player and help with connections please

    Hello everyone.. 

    I've recently grabbed myself a Roland GP-8 processor and put into a 4U portable case. 

    I would like to add a rack mounted MP3 media player in there, so I can turn up, switch on and plug my jack into an amp and have my play along music and processor working at the same time.. 

    I'm not even sure this is possible.. but would like some advice please. Is it possible to achieve?

    If yes, what do I need by ways of a media player.. And more importantly, How do I get these two pieces of equipment into one input? (my amps are all single channel ones).. 

    Any help greatly appreciated.




    My Roland cube amp does have an aux input that I could run the media player to..but im sure my Blackstar HT-5 doesn't. I really just want to utilize this 4u case. I thought the addition of a media player would be beneficial when we have a tinker around..  Should I just take the output of the media player and put it into the Aux of the amp? or is there a box of tricks I can use to bring out of the rack unit just one connection. 


    I hope the ramblings of a hot, older chap makes sense? (hot temperature, I meant..lol)


    More info:

    OK I decided to buy one of these:

    American Audio


    It does seem a good price.. If I don't get any input to the above questions. i will just have to take the output into an AUX input on the amp..