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modeling amp vs computer amp sim


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  • modeling amp vs computer amp sim

    please delete this post

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    This is a worthwhile topic.

    Why do you want ti deleted?


    • Nagol5178
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      I agree. And I'm going to respond to it! LOL Because I have both and have had years of experience with both. I'll keep it short though.

      Amplitube and programs like that are great especially for recording and practicing by yourself at home. But in my opinion they do not stack up against a modeling amp, or a modeling pre amp unit. Especially when it comes to high gain stuff.

      If you are playing by yourself at home and just want to record stuff into your DAW and have some decent tones to EQ Amplitube is great. You can try out the free version of it. There are also other good programs. Some of them are so good, if you mix it right, in the recording it's hard to tell the difference between amplitube and the real amp. But that's in a recording. As far as just jamming on it, it does not feel anything like the real amp.