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    I have kind of an old PodXT that is good enough for me.  I actually could get by with just one patch, which for me is I guess kind of a bluesey barely dirty sound.  I get that easily on the PodXT.  I am trying to put together a compact pedalboard for my hybrid piezo-equipped guitar.  I am 80% acoustic tones, but just need that slight grit every once in a while.  I saw a Pocket Pod for sale cheap and was wondering if it would work for this application.  It looks like it's slightly bigger than a regular stomp box and can run on 9vdc like a stomp box.  If I could get one set-it-and-forget-it electric lead tone, this thing would save me a few cable runs and another power requirement.

    Most of the criticism I read about them is that they are limited as far as flexibility and features and that the build quality is not great.  I could handle those, I think.  But I don't really want it if the tone is hugely inferior to the podxt or it's noisy.

    I am just putting together a commando rig with a small looper and would like to get a cheapo one-trick emulator to cover electric tones.