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Abstract Expressionistic guitar: NOIZE


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  • Abstract Expressionistic guitar: NOIZE

     I bought some had made "pedals" that would modify my guitar sound.

    These pedals boxes actual from" Flight from Harmony" , ( Inferanal Noise  Machine).

     4 ms Atoner and Noise Swash max tweeker,

    WMD Gieger Counter

    King Capitol Punishment Glamour Box


    These are not your grand fathers Boss pedals. Many of the controls are interactive, plug them together and these complex devices really come alive. Did I hear you ask " Is it controlable?". The answer to that question is perhaps maybe or maybe the question should be how much random does it inject into the signal path.

    All of these and other devices like them have control voltage  inputs.

    Plugged together it becomes modular. I do this as away expressing unresolved childhood gestalts and to take a  brake from blues and slough-core.

    Anolog devises designed and  hand built to alter a signal transforming the signal into sound that is modified by high tech means into new often primitive industrial sounds, drones, left turns down wrong way streets

    " you made that sound with your strat?"

    " Yup, kind of, un assaut de la culture consommation."


    I am blessed with a tin ear, I love poorly made cheap guitars,and terrible sounding amps though I do prefer solid state amps over tubes.