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Love the Ethos for direct recording


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  • Love the Ethos for direct recording

    I've used a lot of amps and preamps over the years, trying to get a really good sound without making a sound to the outside world.


    Love the Ethos! So simple to use, just take the speaker emulation outputs and run it into a good processor, then into the boards. Love the clean channel, love the overdrive channel. Love  the speaker emulation without having to resort to a DI. The clean channel sounds great with archtops and strats, the overdrive best with humbuckers

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    got lucky and waited only 1 month to get mine....got it today and the TLE/Classic switch was broken, looks like some pretty cheap switches....said I can send it back and Rob will repair it, thats cool, but pretty sad to wait for such an expensive pedal only to find the toggle switch is broken, makes me really suspect about long term endurance, sadly Im already feeling regret and I havnt even sent it back.

    Sending it back tomorrow, Rob was cool and did write me immediatly in regard to my heated e-mail, I realise it was more than likely a shipping incident that broke it, but as you can imagine Im doubtfull this thing will last on a pedal board, at $487 delivered I guess Im only using this for studio stuff. 


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      I'm feeling better today, got it shipped out via UPS, I asked Rob if he would install heavy duty switches on the pedal in place of the $35 I spent for shipping the pedal back to him, just sent out the note so I will see what he says; he said he would reimburse me for the shipping charges but I would rather have some heavy duty switches installed if that's a possibility.

      I'm sure its a top notch pedal, but honestly the way the switch is broken on the inside the way it is spooked me on the durability factor.

      I do more studio jamming than road use so for my purposes I will fare just fine, but being a pedal that cost $487 I want it to last for awhile as you can imagine, and especially since I opted out of the Effectrode Blackbird preamp to buy the ETHOS.

      I'm planning on running the ETHOS through a TWO NOTES Torpedo C.A.B. simulator, looking forward to seeing how those pair up.....

      I just wanted to note that Rob has stated that he would be installing a rocker switch in place of the TLE/Classic toggle to prevent future issues on my pedal, I am very happy with this decision, I wonder if he will also incorporate that into all future ETHOS builds, he also stated that he would reimburse my shipping cost so I am very pleased at the way things turned out.

      I hope my expectations were not too high in that I was pretty disappointed for what would arguably be the fault of the postal service handling as opposed to the ETHOS being faulty in any way, but given the cost of the high end pedals these days (close to $500 bucks a crack) I feel I am warranted in my expectations of build quality.

      I will say Rob of rob@customtonesinc.com has proven to be a stand up guy by personally contacting me immediately about my issue and then offering a solution that is what I consider to be an improvement from the original design by installing a rocker switch in place of the TLE/Classic toggle that sticks out the left side of the pedal and will probably become an issue for anyone doing some serious touring, so I applaud this resolution to what would have otherwise turned out to be a bit sour twist of events.

      Thanks Rob

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    I finally tried an Ethos earlier this year and it rocked as an overdrive but I didn't like it much for direct usage. I have a Kemper, Digitech GSP1101, Zoom G3, and a Tech 21 Blonde (since sold) for comparison and liked all of them better than the Ethos for direct use.

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