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I finally pulled the trigger and bought an Axe Fx 2!

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  • I finally pulled the trigger and bought an Axe Fx 2!

    Well I finally made up my mind and I sold my Mesa Boogie Lonestar 2x12 (my very last tube amp) and my Axe Fx Ultra to fund a new Axe Fx II. Should be here this coming tuesday.

    I can't wait to get it in and get firmware version 10 loaded onto it. Version 10 is supposed to be a total upgrade to the unit instead of a partial one.

    Cliff said that version 10 SHOULD be ready today.

    Can't wait to see all the new features and try out the new presets in version 10.

    The two things I really like with the axe 2 over the ultra is it now has an intergated USB port as well as a headphone input! Not to mention all the new sounds it has on it.

    I'm stoked!




    EDIT: WOW! No one?

    I guess I am going to give up coming here as nobody seems to care about this forum anymore.

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    They hardly visited this section even before the changes. 

    Hope you like your new Axe. My co guitarist runs a nice studio and has the Axe II and KPA. We just went through V10. It's decent. Still nothing like the Kemper.

    I wonder if that means the end of line for Axe II. They usually get up to firmware 10 or 11 before the Newest Axe Fx is released just after. New products release come every 2.5 years or so. I'm guessing this Summer.

    I bet the next one has a profiler in it. They've done a lot to add new Kemper like features. Only problem is its completely different hardware. Kemper has a little more Amp Pizzazz to it imo. My mate that owns them had the same assessment.


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      All depends on what you use the unit FOR.I like the effects in the axe WAY better than the kemper. If the Kemper had the effects and routing like the axe fx II then I would consider one.

      And I do NOT think that this is the end of the axe Fx II! It has only been out  for maybe a year and a half.... the last one lasted 5 years.

      I just put on firmware v10 so I will see how it does, but a lot of people like the new firmware, you seem a little biased twords the kemper.

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    You're gonna love it. Version 10 is so freaking sick. Sometimes I forget that I'm not playing through an amp anymore, but then I remember at the end of the night when I walk out with my whole rig in 2 hands!