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PodXT vs PodXT Live vs Newer Stuff

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  • PodXT vs PodXT Live vs Newer Stuff

    This is not easy to google or search for on this forum.  I apologize if it comes up alot.

    I have a podXT and a FBV controller that I use live as part of a fairly complex setup.  I saw where someone locally had a really clean PodXT Live for sale and it just occurred to me that my setup would be alot cleaner if I got rid of the bean and the cable and just used the floor unit.  Is there some drawback to using the LIVE unit that I haven't thought of.  I only use the 4 patches anyway, clean, slightly gritty, dirty and an octave down patch.  I did think it would be cool to be able to turn modulation on an off sometimes, though.

    First off, is there a way to save off individual patches and copy them to the new unit or do I have to manually go in and set everything?

    Secondly, this thing is pretty old.  I honestly don't think it lacks anything for what I need, but maybe newer ones kick ass.  Have you upgraded to a pod HD and discovered something crappy about your XT that you didn't notice before.  I'm not so concerned about the money.  I just figured that for the limited way I use the XT, I would better be spending it in some other area of my rig.

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    I have a Pod xt Live that I have had for years. I up graded to a Pod X3 which died for no other reason that a board failure a cording the the guy at the authorized repair center,.....until that event, death of Pod X3 , Pod X3 sounded really great.
    The Pod xt Live records really well. I have never used the Pod xt live in a performance.
    If it died would I replace it. No.
    When the dead pod died I purchased a Digitech GSP 1101 and my dears it is killer. I want to
    purchase a second GSP 1101 so that after they are discontinued and the first one dies I'll have a back up.
    I am blessed with a tin ear, I love poorly made cheap guitars,and terrible sounding amps though I do prefer solid state amps over tubes.<br>


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      I gotta be honest, I looked at the newer pods and they seem pretty complex.  The XT just seems to make more logical sense to me.  I haven't been able to figure out the shortcomings that would be addressed if I got an x3 or HD.  The advantage of the live is that I could add modulation or delay to an existing patch and that I could access more than 4 if needed.  But I am pretty comfortable using only 4 patches.  As a matter of fact, I could get rid of my clean twin sound because my barely dirty sound is pretty clean already.  I would like to be able to not have to connect up the foot pedal to the pod and not have to find a place to put the pod onstage.

      On another note, those podxt lives seem to have held their value pretty well.  I saw a clean one for $150 and was planning to talk the guy down and he sold it quickly.  The craigslist price seems to be around 175 normally, but I have seen some people asking 200-ish.  If I could find another clean one for $150, I'd jump on that sumbitch.