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GSP1101 and Control 2 expression pedal (SOLUTION)

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  • GSP1101 and Control 2 expression pedal (SOLUTION)

    I have a Digitech GSP1101 and Control 2 combo that I am using, and I am using an external expression pedal (Ernie Ball VPJR) for volume only and the Control 2's internal expression pedal for other functions. Problem is my external pedal does most of its volume in the first 30 percent of the pedal sweep. I

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    Do take a look at the manual to see if you need to perform some sort of calibration. 


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      I found the solution!

      After some surfing I found a post somewhere that said to switch the leads to the potentiometer inside the pedal. Instead of that I took the cable running from the expression pedal to the control 2 and on one end switched the polarity of the plug. It works fine now, and you can use the EB volume pedal for other things.