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Is anyone using a Fishman TriplePlay?

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  • Is anyone using a Fishman TriplePlay?

    I'm checking one out for a review, and I thought I'd check to see if anyone else is rocking one, and what your impressions are.



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    Bulk of known info on Fishman Triplplay info is at VGuitarforums here:
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      Guitar World Presents TriplePlay


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        Tried it a few days ago at a friends house. It works surprisingly well, but it needs to be carefully adjusted just right. Just like any hexaphonic mic I guess. If the neck is arched, it doesn't work as well as guitars with little or nor arch. Strange thing, you'd expect Fishman to meet this need. Arched necks aren't very rare.

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          Do you mean fingerboard radius? Pretty much all necks have at least some curve - with the possible exception of classical guitars. I've been using the TriplePlay on a Fender with a 7.25" fingerboard radius (more curved than a 9.5" or 12" radius - both of which are also very common) with no significant issues.


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        Hello, The Fishman Triple Play is the basically most excellent hardware choice to date for triggering exterior MIDI whether hardware reverberation modules or else software instruments.



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          My experience with the Tripleplay has been pretty negative. I have set it up according to Fishman specs and yet I get a lot of artifacts and tracking problems. I also record with Ableton Live 9 and the set up there requires 17 tracks for one istrument and although I can monitor through the program, Fishman's set up instructions do not allow me to record in that program with it. My old Roland GR-33 does a much better job. I have hopes that they will solve the problem with Ableton. If not, it has been a waste of money.
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            I've been thinking about getting one to play around with, but you have to realize tht I know close to zip about midi. till recently I didn't even know they had midi guitar controllers.
            Reviews of the triple play are so mixed about its ability to track properly,sounds like you may need to train your hands to be "clean". since I bend and vibrate a lot naturally,I suspect I may have issues there...
            I'll check out the thread linked above, I'm pretty confused about what all the software does,especially when recording.


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              So mr. O'keefe, how's it going on that thang? Do you like it? That 15 foot midi cable on the ax50 is pretty annoying.


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                no i am not using


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                  All midi guitars should be used for what they are, you have to play for them is like using a new instrument not a common guitar, I use them for many years and I find them very useful.....