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  • Relaxing guitar play alongs

    Hi all,

    I've made some play along videos on Youtube.
    The exercises are easy to play, and are designed to be relaxing and almost meditative when playing along.

    Am I on the right track with these? Are they easy and fun, or are they boring and stupid!? Should I make more of them?

    Any response and opinions would be appreciated!

    Guitar Wax

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    sorry, but 2 minutes of the electronic backing track and hearing the same slow guitar line over and over again...not my cup of tea. Might work for the shoe-gaze crowd.
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      Hi daddymack!
      Sorry you didn't like it, but thank you for giving it a try and also for replying!

      If the last one didn't put you in a coma, you can try the one below if you want to. It's still repetitive and electronic, but it's certainly faster


      • daddymack
        daddymack commented
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        tried that one as well. Just not something I need or want.

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      OK, thank's for giving it a try


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        Hi Tobias,

        well i like your guitar backing tracks! Even nice just to listen too and great to play along with them
        You should definitively do more of those!



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        Hi Matthias,
        Here's something else.. I modified a guitar to remove all "duplicate notes". This is to illustrate the complexity of the guitar, and to compare it to a piano. Hope you'll like it!
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