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Psychedelic pop/rock song and retro futurist music video


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  • Psychedelic pop/rock song and retro futurist music video

    I made this video for a song from my last album.

    What do you think?
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    Well, I clicked on another one afterward, if that tells you anything And then I ciicked on the live performance, which I liked too.

    So here's my take...

    As to the video posted here, the music does indeed get the Syd Barrett kinda vibe. Nice to see psychedelia lives on. The effects are little over the top, but I think that's probably intentional and you can get away with excess if it's not something you do all the time. I think the mix could be better, but it's okay.

    Now, here's what you really need to do...you're not taking advantage of your vocals. They come across as weak because sections get lost, where they should come across as expressive. I assume you're recording into something where you can normalize levels or change gain. I'd recommend editing your vocal, at least phrase by phrase and in some cases, word set by word set (e.g., pairs or trios of words) and normalizing them or at least changing the gain to bring up sections. Unlike compression, this raises the level but retains the expressiveness far better - they still sound "soft," but the levels are higher, if that makes sense.

    Then once you have a consistent vocal, add some limiting to bring the peaks down. I think you'll be surprised at how this will make your vocals do what you want them to do, but have more presence while paradoxically, meshing with the music better.

    The other critique is on one of the videos (sorry, forget which one), you don't need to show your face singing so much. Choose one focus...either it's the woman dancing, or you singing.

    Overall I think you're on to something. I don't know if you're quite there yet...but keep pushing those boundaries and being original. If you were playing in a club nearby, I'd go see the show because you've piqued my curiosity.

    Finally, as someone who was touring during the psychedelic 60s , you might enjoy a video I did for my "Neo-" album. I used the vocal phrase-by-phrase normalization on my voice, check it out and you'll see what I mean by vocal consistency. I don't show my face at all, just the lyrics with images in the background.

    Simplicity, my new album project, is now streamable from my YouTube channel.

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