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Please judge my singing, thanks so much!


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  • Please judge my singing, thanks so much!

    Here is a link to my singing please be honest when you judge it, don't hold back thanks!  https://soundcloud.com/robbiebrother/i-wont-give-up-cover?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share &utm_medium=facebook

    A ranking from 1 - 10 would be helpful

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    Sounds good

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      It's quite good, singable in bars etc if you improve your articulation and avoid the most strained high notes!

      If you must have a number, a definition of the scale would be helpful.



      1 corresponds to worst-case Idol audition

      10 corresponds to Superman

      I'm Masklin. How was your day?


      • robbiebrother
        robbiebrother commented
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        Thanks for replying! 1 being american idol jokers and 10 being someone who could atleast get passed the first round of american idol

      • Masklin
        Masklin commented
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        Hmm well then I'd give you an 8, I think. If you work on the things I mentioned, you'd be a 10 or close enough to make no musical difference (though since Idol is TV, it's not all about music... ).

      • robbiebrother
        robbiebrother commented
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        Thanks! It means a lot and ill try to improve!

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      Hi, why don't you look at this fantasty song/singer's guide. This could be your best choach where you can each your vocal range!


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        I would give an 8, but even the 1st round of American Idol can be pretty tough.


        • Scott Doolittle
          Scott Doolittle commented
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          I am too amateur to hand out a numbered rating, but I will say that was a good track. There are a handful of notes that can use some more work, but your basic tone and technique sound great to my ear.

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        I think it's good already but not enough. If you practice more, you'll be really great! Good Job!

        But in my opinion, singing skill isn't something treat as a scale, there are many factors out there. If I give you 10, does that mean you can't improve? NO! Don't believe the scaling factor. It's not even accurate or help anything, it just encourage (and sometime discourage) you and separate you from other singers!

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          This is great, Jason is a great guy to emulate he is one of the most balanced and talented singers in pop. 




          • ZetaSin
            ZetaSin commented
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            Pretty good, I would say it is an 9 on the scale you provided.