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Consistency when singing - acapella example


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  • Consistency when singing - acapella example

    Hey all,

    I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question--I'm a textbook overthinker and this is something that I keep coming back to...

    I've been messing around with a short acapella cover of House of the Rising Sun and came across something that I always come across when I listen to myself singing the same thing over and over again...

    #1: https://soundcloud.com/jack-stark-7/house-of-the-rising-sun-by-the

    #2: https://soundcloud.com/jack-stark-7/house-of-the-rising-sun-v2-by


    To me, they sound different in the beginning and I can't really recollect what I did differently.  #2 almost sounds (to me) to be less full/dense then #1.  Is this the difference between head and chest voice or something else altogether?  Or is that just a process of finding your 'true voice' (for lack of a less corny phrase...)  Any criticism is appreciated...