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What do you think of my voice/covers with my female partner?


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  • What do you think of my voice/covers with my female partner?

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums, but I've been looking for some advice regarding my singing ability.

    I do piano covers with my friend, and normally she's the one that sings. We do piano covers and normally I play while she sings. I think she has an amazing voice, especially since she gets weekly vocal lessons. Here's reference from a cover we just did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMbo1idVs_g[1]

    We are doing "Say Something" by A Great Big World and Christina Aguliera next and she wants me to sing.I've never sang publicly but my dad used to sing professionally. I never sing publicly and I want to do it with her, but I'm not confident in my voice. Here's a crude recording of the song I did with a few noticeable errors: https://soundcloud.com/brenden-belluardo/say-something-a-great-big[2] I know I missed one big note and it was early in the morning but I'm just not sure if I should stick to a lower register or maybe just stop singing in general.

    Am I good enough to perform with her? Are our voice compatible? I don't want to embarrass myself in front of her! I can't even listen to myself sing because I get anxious! Any advice you can give to me? I'm hoping that this forum will provide some advice/tips so that I don't completely make a fool out of myself (I might have a little crush on her given our chemistry when making music ) Thaks guys!

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    Hey! I think you're voice is amazing, I am a singer and a piano player (amongst other instruments), and I want to give you some advice. I'm assuming you were playing? But this advice would help either way, you need to sit (or stand) a little taller so you are crushing your diaphragm, try taking big breaths before you start each line and pushing your stomach out when you sing notes that are higher in your range (you may look a bit fat, but it works trust me). But I think you do have a very nice voice, you need to have more confidence though if you believe in what you are doing then you can do it (: if you need more help ask (:


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      Thank you! I was playing the piano so I can definitely work on posture and breathing. I will definitely take your advice and ask you about anything specific. So you won't think that I'll embarrass myself in front of her if I sing? I feel like she's a lot better than me. 

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      Can't acces your SC this morning for some reason. I'll check later

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    *your stupid auto correct ):


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      Great! If it's nots working still let me know and I can upload the mp3


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        Hey! I just listened to your say something  (good song btw) cover on SC, and overall I thought you did a good job. I wish the audio was a little more clear so I could hear how exactly your voice is but I thought you did a good job. You stayed on key pretty much all of the song, but also had some notes here (around 1:39/1:40) and there that sounded off, but then again it was a rough recording. I can tell in your voice that you aren't confident as you should be, and I think you should be confident. You sound good. More confidence in general can help you out long ways IMO. Some of the notes you could of ended more smoothly, but you can work on that easily. Overall good job, and I say you're definitely good enough to duo with her. Keep practicing!