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What do you think about my voice / video ?


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  • What do you think about my voice / video ?

    My name is Mandy and i'm new on this forum.
    I really like singing and would love to make youtube videos.
    In the past few days i recorded my first cover.
    I'm a little bit insecure about my voice, so i was wondering if
    you could give me some feedback / advice.

    I'm really curious about what you guys think of my cover.


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    Hello Mandy, welcome to the forum.

    I think your recording is not bad. Not really any major issues that I hear. Maybe work on making a smoother legato in your singing. I hear a tendency of you stopping the breath on each syllable. Your attack is a bit rough side too. Try singing on a continuous breath and see how it goes.
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    • MandyMelody
      MandyMelody commented
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      Hello davie,

      Thank you very much for your advice, I really appreciate it

      I watched the video again, and I understand what you said, I will work on it!

    • davie
      davie commented
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      You're welcome, Mandy.

      Btw, just wondering, what video editor and camera did you use for this video? The video quality looks pretty good.

    • ido1957
      ido1957 commented
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      Another excellent singer tonight - batting 1000....lol....

      Yes I'd say go make some more Youtube videos Mandy. 

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    I think you have a really great voice, and I would definitely listen to more if you just sang and not seemed timid and just kicked ass and not cared.  Sing with confidence and go for it, you sound great...but pick up the volume.  That is my 2 cents, keep in in mind that I am not a professional (and am writing this with a baby sleeping on my chest) and taking my advice will probably not mean a whole lot! Good luck


    • MandyMelody
      MandyMelody commented
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      Hello ehenrichon, 

      Thank you for your thoughts on my video, I know what you mean. I'm a very insecure person, and I think you can hear it in my voice. But I will try to make more covers and gonna try to sound more confident