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Singing tips for an amateur singer?


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  • Singing tips for an amateur singer?

    I'm new to singing (I pretty much got into it just a few months ago when I started learning the guitar) and would love constructive criticism on how to improve my voice and technique from more experienced singers. Feel free to be mean if necessary, I'm aware that my singing is far from prefect and I have no real techinical training.

    It would also be really helpful if someone could tell me if I'm an alto, mezzo or soprano etc.

    I'm not looking to become a professional, I just love to sing for fun alone and with my friends and want to improve my voice.

    Here's  my soundcloud and a few quick recordings that may give you a idea of my singing:



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    A bit rough in a few places but there's a lot of potential there. I think if you had some coaching then you would have a really quality voice. I can't say for certain what type of voice you have. Its only safe to classify a voice if the singer has had some training first. I'd say just sing whatever is comfortable for you right now.
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    • seveneightnine
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      Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback! I think it's fair to say I have plenty of problems with my singing, a lot to due with pitch and running out of breath aka getting more power into my voice.

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      I think you have a good voice, but you should take some private lessons with good voice teacher

    • lal_kundan36
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      I like you atttitude but browse some lessions from internet.

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    hi there. what's obvious to me is that you've been singing long before you've ever picked up the guitar. I congratulate you for taking action and pursuing your interest.

    Also, you didn't just lock yourself in a room and try whatever methods you could pull out from the google search results. you actually put in the effort to record yourself singing and get feedback from other human beings.

    I wish i had that wisdom when i first started.. oh, well..

    what i would recommend is for you to smoothen out your voice. by that i mean you feel the same whether you sing high notes or normal notes. i'm sure you know what i mean right? those dreaded high notes.

    here's a free resource with some homework that'll keep you busy for a while:


    the exercise made me feel like a complete idiot but it helped me get to a point where the high notes didn't feel so "alien" anymore.

    please keep singing. world needs more singers! good luck!

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    • seveneightnine
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      Thanks for your feedback! I agree, high notes are always scary to hit, but it's boring to try to keep it too safe, I should just go for it...:>

      I can honestly say I have never really been singing before, only a few times at karaoke parties and randomly with friends, but never "seriously" or trying to pay attention to my singing techinique.

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    Hi Tiina!  First off, I think you have a great voice!  I love to write songs and sing them too, but my voice was weak and untrained.  After going through a training program my confidence level increased because I sang better.  Eventhough it's a hobby for me it was still important.  So...if you're like me, training will be good.  You can get a ton of good singing tips on youtube.  Do a search for singing success tv.  

    It sounds like you may need to strengthen your voice, increase your range, and improve your pitch.  Just some areas you can look into..png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

    Again, you have a great voice, and you can train it and make it even more awesome! Hope that helps!   .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

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      Personally I think your voice is fine. Some of what you were singing is a little off pitch,  but all in all not bad for a beginner. It seems from your comments  you realize & hopfully hear where you are off key, just keep it up, you should improve. 


      • off99555
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        Singing Tips?
        I'll help twice the request.
        First, you should do vocal exercises, even professional singers have to do this to make singing simpler.
        Second, you should know how to control your organs that related to singing such as your larynx (the voice box), your lung, your head posture, your lips, etc.
        Third, you should know how to get started, step-by-step guide to sing better.

        Finally, your mindset must be free from stressed, you must be able to control your emotion when singing.

        But if you don't know how to do all that, my site below can always help you. I've tried my best to write all articles and more articles is on the line. Just get a free e-book to learn to sing. It's completely for beginner, all you need to know is there are 8-notes (do,re,mi,fa,...).

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      I would never call anyone horrible. Start with a voice teacher and they will tell you if your an alto, etc.

      Keep practicing and you will be fine.


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        Sounds like you have a lot of potential.

        If you really want to become better, ask a teacher for help.


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          I think you sing your style very well. 


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            I like your voice, its decent. I think its a bit shaky though. You mentioned that you lose your breath when singing. I would suggest, imho, diaphragmatic(?) breathing exercise, as found free on youtube (breathing from your belly).