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singing with grit/distortion


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  • singing with grit/distortion

    I'm new to these effects, so first of all, are grit and distortion interchangeable terms or are they slightly different things? I like to sing a little bit of everything but my actual style isn't rock, I sing soul most of the time and some soul singers sing with an effect on their voice as well. I sing very clean but I've just been curious lately and wanting to experiment a bit.


    so my question is, at the 1:30 mark, is what she does considered distortion/grit? or is that something more natural since her voice is raspy to begin with anyway?

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    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country. "

    lol. Sorry brah.
    I'm Masklin. How was your day?


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      Grit/Distortion are terms that are used loosely, IMO. When I think distortion, I think of it as a sung note that is heavily masked by the distortion technique...whether it be from a "metal" singer...Phil Anselmo from Pantera comes to mind, or Screamin Jay Hawkins.

      Grit on the other hand would be more gravelly sounding, like Springsteen, or Joe Cocker.

      In that video, it sounds to me like she's distorting the notes, but regardless, it sounds good

      Just my 2 cents

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      Drop one of these down your gullet


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    Yep, she's definitely using distortion there.  In my experience, grit and distortion are more or less interchangeable, but some people might use the two terms in different ways.