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  • Superman's Song

    Hey fellas I haven't been very active lately and I'm starting to feel like the House girl who only posts stuff without offering advice or (at the very least) trollposts to other forumites, but eh I'll just ignore that and post another clip. :]




    I tried but feel like I failed to making it sound honest and sincere, but meh whatevs that acting stuff is hard to teach over the internet I guess - so if it please you I'd really much appreciate critique on easy-to-discuss stuff. Like technique, articulation, pitch, etc.?


    Thanks in advance y'all I'm grateful for everything you have, be it three words or over nine thousand essays.



    I'm Masklin. How was your day?

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    Sounds good, man. Good use of dynamics. I especially liked the way you sang the phrase "cat in the jungle". Low notes are also starting to sound a lot stronger too. Keep it up!
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    • ido1957
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      That's pretty good man, I could never hold that low range for that long! Just minor pitch thingys here and ther but I kept thinking "This sounds just like the original singer".

    • Masklin
      Masklin commented
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      'Pretty good' from an accomplished singer like yourself means a lot, thank you!

      Yes indeed there are several pitchy areas. So hard to avoid... oh well I suppose with great age comes great pitch accuracy (this spiderman reference did not turn out as well as I would like).

      Hah, I actually try my best to sound like him, and I'm flattered by you saying I do, but in my own opinion I'm still miles behind him when he's at his best.

      Thanks for listening!

    • Masklin
      Masklin commented
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      Hey sorry for the bump, but as I listened to the recording I liked it less and less, so I recorded a few more times and am now a lot more pleased.

      I've updated the link. Don't want to show a bad face, right?

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    I just listened to the original and I think your voice are a little similar but somehow the original sound smoother and more " in tune ". Im not a pro singer i write what my ears tells me


    • Masklin
      Masklin commented
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      "Smoother" probably comes from the fact that he sings at a low volume in the original studio recording - I can't really do that since I record guitar and vocals at the same time, and my mic can't be both close to the guitar and my mouth.

      "In tune" probably comes from the fact that off-pitch notes are easier to hear in acapella recordings, without a wall of instrument mix to back the vocals up. Idk

      And I suppose, from the fact that my pitch is far from perfect!


      Anyhoo thanks a lot for listening!