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Can a bass voice type learn to sing a tenor range?


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  • Can a bass voice type learn to sing a tenor range?

    I was told I am a bass long time ago. I could sing F2 and sometimes E2. The
    highest note I can reach within my chest voice is middle C. Above that I have to
    use head voice or falsetto. My singing teacher said I should not choose songs
    with high notes, but there are many songs I would like to sing with that kind of
    range. My question is, as a beginner singer, is that something I could learn?

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    Yes, but you won't sound like a tenor. Similar, if you're good and practice tons, but not quite like them.

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      Thanks! But how should I practise as you mentioned to get there? Sorry I'm only starting to learn singing and haven't got much ideas.

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      In simple terms, it's about taking your falsetto, beefing it up, and then connecting that as best you can to your normal voice.

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    Yes, it's certainly possible to increase your range to that level.  But to be honest, I'd consider finding a different teacher.  A good teacher ought to help you grow your voice instead of just saying, "Don't sing those songs."


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      Those notes most likely point towards a bass fach, especially if the timbre is there too. If we're dealing with pop music, you can probably train yourself to handle the higher range. Like what Masklin said, you just have to develop your falsetto/head voice. Classical music on the other hand might be a lot tougher to take on a higher tessitura. What type of music are you interested in singing?

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