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  • Do I have potential?

    So I think I've posted here before around a year ago (it was either here or another forum) and I posted my singing and I got a few replies saying I was okay considering I just started and gave me some advice.

    Well I've been practicing (on and off, life's busy) and I want to hear some opinions on how I sound:


    (snippet of Was it a Dream by 30 Seconds To Mars).

    I've always wanted to be a singer my entire life, but if I suck and there's no hope for me please let me no lol (but don't be too mean about it :P).

    Do I have potential? I know I definitely need work, but what advice can you give me that can improve my voice? Should I drop some cash and find a vocal coach? The only thing I've heard about coaches is you tend to inherit their style of singing and I'd like to be somewhat "unique". I would like to sing in the rock genre.

    Thanks so much for your critique and taking time to listen to my attempt haha!


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    Are you singing an octave below the original?
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      I was singing without the music so I'm singing it the same just a very tad bit lower. I think it sounds lower cuz my voice isn't as "smooth" sounding (how can I improve that btw?).


      • ido1957
        ido1957 commented
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        No I think you're off by at least an octave. Here's the band video:

        Try to play it on guitar and transpose it to meet your highest possible key. Then record it and post it again.



      • ido1957
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        BTW everyone has potential, just keep practicing.

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      Okay, thanks, I'll definitely do a re-record and post!


      • dark_horizon
        dark_horizon commented
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        I've actually never noticed I did it so often....it just "happens" whenever I start a phrase...I'll practice on starting phrases without it. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • ZetaSin
        ZetaSin commented
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        I would say you do, you can get your voice lower than most, which allows for a different sound.

      • Gladanos
        Gladanos commented
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        The deep voice can sound really good with some training, me likey!

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      Yeah, I agree about the vocal fry.  Just be more consciously aware of it as you're singing.  Technically, everyone has the potential to be a good singer.  The idea that some people are born bad singers isn't true.  The problem with that idea is that people might say something sounds bad, but they don't say why it sounds bad and how to fix it.  Singing's a science, it's a matter of conditioning and learning proper technique.  That said, I think you're starting from a good place already.  My advice would be to find a teacher that can help take you to the next level.  I wouldn't worry too much about inheriting their style.  I'm a rock guy, the person that taught me was primarily RnB.


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        I feel like you could get a really deep, raspy tone to your voice if you wanted to go for it. But I like!


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          Thanks you guys. It makes me very happy to know that all I need is some practice to improve.

          @Gladanos, that's funny you say that, because one thing that I somewhat dislike about my voice is how deep it is...lol. But thanks.

          One thing that could really help me: does my voice compare at all to any male singers out there? Like does my voice sound similar to another artist? If so, if anyone point them out to me that would be great. That way I can kindof get an idea of what I sound like and maybe attempt to sing some of their songs and see what happens. Even though I listen to my recordings, it's still "my voice", and it's hard for me to kindof gauge what I sound like. Hard to explain, but y'all probably know what I mean lol. Thanks.


          • givenn
            givenn commented
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            Hey dude . I might be a bit late to the party but I thought I might as well contribute.


            I had a listen to the recordings.


            You do have a deep voice that many, like I, would kill for.

            I get you, finding your voice is one crazy adventure that I myself am going through. Best advice I can try give you is to sing everything and anything under the sun. The more genres you open yourself up to, the more discoveries you'll make.


            I thought I sounded like a pop singer only to find out that blues and folk is my kind of scene, or so I think. Still discovering it out haha. Only started taking singing seriously for over a year now and I've found that the more you allow your voice to develop, the better a vocalist/musician you become.

            All those influences become you and before you know it, emerging vocalists will be singing your songs and comparing themselves to you.

            I listen to a lot of Soprano arias mixed with some AlterBridge, She and Him, BB King, Matt Corby and believe it or not some Peter Gabriel.

            So to sum that up, go wild, crazy (taking care of your voice) and let your voice experience as many melodies as possible. I do the same.


            Anyway, hope any of what I said/wrote helps .


            I dig your voice. Would like to hear how you cover other songs.




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          I'm pretty new to singing myself, so I'm sorry I don't really have helpful advice, but...

          can say that I like your voice and would be interested in hearing more!

          If you do pursue vocal training, you're starting from a good place already and can only strengthen and discover more of what you can do!

          I learned to control my voice better by joining a local barbershop chorus. It's a totally different style of music than what you're singing, but... personally, I like to see every voice director as having the potential to teach you something. Just a little food for thought.