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    I'm new on here so thank you for taking the time to read this - I hope someone may have an answer for me.

    I've been performing for a while now but over the last year or so I've noticed that in rehearsals I struggle to go higher than a G without guaranteed success. However, When the performance comes I have no trouble getting up to a Bb or even a C if necessary without any real difficulty.

    As a result I continue to select those songs (because let's face it, life as a tenor is pretty tough without being able to hit ledger-lines) but it is a little disconcerting going into a performance knowing I've not sing the notes I. Rehearsals and just trusting that I'll hit them on the night.

    The performances are always fine but I worry I may be doing myself damage in the process - of I can't do it when rehearsing, perhaps I'm straining too much in the performance? Though I know that makes no sense as I only go high when relaxed, so maybe I just relax more when performing?

    Any other similar experiences or advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this

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    Maybe you are subconciously saving your voice for the real performance. It sounds like performaces are good so I wouldn't worry.
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      Yeah man, to me it sounds like you're just psyching yourself out during rehearsals.  If you're doing fine during performances, then you're body probably already knows how to hit those notes, it's just your mind working against you.  Strain is also a possibility, but it's hard to know for sure without hearing.  But I would just try to relax during rehearsals and let you're body do what it does naturally.