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Singing Two Notes at Once - a short song


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  • Singing Two Notes at Once - a short song

    I just uploaded a video of me using overtone singing to sing two notes at once. I even came up with a little melody for the overtones, hope you like it!


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    That's crazy man! This girl that used to play keys in an old band of mine could do that too...she sounded more like a banshee though, lol
    I like when they say a movie is inspired by a true story. That's kind of silly. "Hey, did you hear that story about that lady who drove her car into the lake with her kids and they all drowned?" "Yeah, I did, and you know what - that inspires me to write a movie about a gorilla!"

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      lol, thanks a lot dude!!

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    Very cool!  A couple of my friends can do this, there used to be a guy in town who taught Tuvan throat singing.  One of them is a harmonica player, he'll intersperse it in between harmonica licks.  The first time I heard it I was like, "holy cats, what is that?"    [Edited to add: "In a good way."]

    I've tried to learn to do this myself but as you know it is *not* easy.  Good for you not only figuring out how to do it, but to do something expressive with it.


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      Thanks a lot :-D

      That's a really cool idea to mix throat singing with harmonica playing, I've never seen that before.