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Am I a baritone or tenor?

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  • Am I a baritone or tenor?

    I'm not really sure,
    My lowest note I think is about b2
    And I think my highest note is about b4
    And I have to sing in head voice about at g4
    But I don't have the best pitch...
    and I dont really sound good in my head voice and I'm most comfortable in my middle

    And in show choir I am tenor (except one song I was baritone) but there were only 5 guys in my show choir last year,.. And there were only two tenors

    But here's me singing *badly*

    Also, my voice kind of feels tired and somewhat tight after singing in my head voice for very long

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    I guess maybe my highest note is at g4 actually


    • ido1957
      ido1957 commented
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      Can you play an instrument and accompany yourself? This accapella stuff is not working for me.

    • staticsound
      staticsound commented
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      I agree. You need some sort of accompaniment or reference because your pitch is all over the place. I would worry more about practicing ear training, scales, and proper breathing and not so much worrying about your voice type. You're still young...or you look young, so your voice is still changing. If you must have an answer, right now your timbre is that of a tenor....

    • davie
      davie commented
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      I agree with Ido and Static. You gotta practice scales. I practice scales almost everyday.

      And to answer your main question, I think its possible that you may be a tenor, judging by your timbre. G4 is also a common transition point for a lot of tenors.

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    I can get higher, but it sounds really, really bad lol


    • rockketheart
      rockketheart commented
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      Well I can tell when I have to switch over, but like when I sing a scale with a piano playing every note it's E4/G4, but I don't truly trust my pitch, so with the website singtherightnote.com and I sing it's around C4/D4,

    • Onacor
      Onacor commented
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      low tenor

    • Ambita
      Ambita commented
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      If your voice feels tight after singing in your high voice then you are straining. I would practice and have the high notes come out naturally dont force it out. Your low register  is very nice though. Just practice going from low register to high register.

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    hi, rockketheart!

    first off, let me just say that you have good tone. what that means is your voice is naturally pleasing to the ear. so good for for you. on the other hand, it's quite obvious that you lack practice. you can't take advantage of that natural tone you have unless you practice. a lot.

    don't worry too much about baritone, tenor, or whatever just yet. that's for when you want to specialize. at this point it's hard to tell you which sound you should be specializing in. get the basics down by following the links the others here have put on. especially those from static. i've checked them out and used them myself.

    but most impotantly, keep going! 

    I write articles about voice and singing at <a href="http://nonotesinging.com">No Note Singing</a>


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      I think your voice isn't fully developed yet ?

      At this point I think it's low-tenor, but might go down to baritone later...


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        Thx blankfile.

        (I've had to void my post)


        • blankfile
          blankfile commented
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          I think you just need to form a band straight away and start getting a following now. Your voice is clearly suited for these kinds of songs. I won't use your voice to sing pop songs though. You may want to learn scales and improve your range but a lot of singers get carried away with those things and loose their feel.

          you sing these verses with emotion. Getting better technique might actually hinder you. just my 0.02.