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Listen to my first cover (and first recording)?


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  • Listen to my first cover (and first recording)?


    I just recorded myself singing for the first time, and it's a cover song (:

    I would love tips on improving, programs I could use for recording, and all that - it would be really helpful! Please excuse the horrid quality, it was recorded on a laptop d:


    Thanks and here's the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHNvHTNdQaE&feature=youtu.be

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    your voice is good..but try to improve it by singing continuously.if you do so then it would become flawless..
    and try to record in good software i like to suggest you two software,
    Cubase 4.0,F Studio 7,both are in top list..and i have used cubase its really gives high quality...


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      Cubase is great, but for a free software, something as simple as Audacity (free) is good... just get a good mic..

      As for singing...
      You have to project more.. you are whispering.. sing like you mean it.... pretend there is someone on the other side of the room that you are singing to, and project your voice.
      The tonal quality of your voice is pleasant.. but hard to make a full determination until you sing in Full voice ..

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    Great voice !!!


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      I wanted to listen but unfortunately the video is removed from You Tube. If you need help try this basic introduction that covers guitar, keyboard and voice lessons.