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    Music is part of our life. can i sing We all desire to sing good song with good vocal. Everybody wish to become good singer and make good reputation in music field. There are many ways to train our vocal. One of the way to do this is by using Singbelt system. It is new concept of device that helps in vocal training. I suggest all those music lover to apply this system rather than wasting your money and precious time in other.

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    Lmfao! A belt...that makes you sing..better? I think I've seen it all now! I'd get one, but I'm saving up for some magic beans..
    I like when they say a movie is inspired by a true story. That's kind of silly. "Hey, did you hear that story about that lady who drove her car into the lake with her kids and they all drowned?" "Yeah, I did, and you know what - that inspires me to write a movie about a gorilla!"

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      The singer instructions listed on the web page sound (breath support etc) sound like they could be legit. But I'm sceptical about the belt.   

    • Onacor
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      All gimmicks.. everything is like that.. You want to sing better, or sing in general, then practice... you want to be awesome, then practice even more... Learn from those around you that have already moved to the next level and ask questions...
      Wearing a belt, or a hat, or special shoes, or training with a microphone , are all gimmicks to make them stand out with little or no effect on you..
      All bullcrap.