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Can you tell from my voice what Mic I should use??? Original---please CRITIQUE!


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  • Can you tell from my voice what Mic I should use??? Original---please CRITIQUE!

    So been practicing some and trying to get singing to not hurt so I can find my real tone... obviously I have a lot of work to do but this laptop mic buzz's out at certain tones and volumes... is there any way to give good advice for a decent mic to record my voice so I can really hear it all from this recording? I am somewhat fasmiliar with Cubase and a buddy has a copy so I think I'll install that once I get a decent mic... thanks in advance for any ad ALL critiques and criticisms concerning my voice... I would appreciate any help you can offer..https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4604070633850&l=662723023348939601

    Sorry... the link to my facebook video is all I could figure out to make work.

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    Different mics sound different on voice. It's about finding one that compliments your voice.

    At this stage I wouldn't worry about that, I'd just get something that you can use to monitor yourself for practice. I'd get a large diaphragm condenser for recording vocals. If you're on a budget, the MXL990 is actually quite decent for the price. You would need to buy a recording interface too though.

    Or you could go with a USB powered condenser, and you wouldn't need to purchase an interface.

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      Thanks a million ! Thats what I was dfinitely trying to do... I sing my songs a few times a day and record and listen back every time but with such low quality recordings I have a hard time hearing the things I need to work on. Great info my friend... very much appreciated!