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  • Voice Classification Type ??

    I have an upcoming performance in about two weeks and my music professor says i need to classify my own voice in order to chose a part in the music we are singing. My range is as follows

    Lower Range : E2 (Vocal Fry) / F2 (Without vocal fry) - C3 

    Middle Range : C3-F4

    Transition To Head Voice : F4-G4

    Head Voice : G4-C6

    I am wondering what my voice type would be best suited for in a SATBB Setting?

    Any Help would be appreciated

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    Okay - I assume you are studying music. Shouldn't you already know what your voice type is. If not can't you just Google it? Maybe I'm just confused but this seems like a strange request from a music student....

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    • ido1957
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      For example I googled Voice Type and I immediately got a wiki page:

    • staticsound
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      Why would your teacher make you classify your own voice?...shouldn't that be his job?..
      And if you're a music student, like Ido said...shouldn't you already know your voice type? Anyways, to answer your question, where are you most comfortable singing at in your range? Your tessitura, where does your timbre and resonance sound the best at.

    • Onacor
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      What if C.A.T really spelt DOG?? Now that's a question worth thinking about...