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pls help, my voice is lame. any suggestions and tips?


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  • pls help, my voice is lame. any suggestions and tips?

    I really want to sing. Im training myself for like 2 days and i dont know if im doing right. I think my training is just like nothing and lame and i think my voice is also kinda lame. I used a cellphone recorder.

    >i let my emotions go through( i really feel the song)and i didn't care about how i sound.. 
    >i didn't focus on the articulation and vocals just emotions 
    >results in nasal, childlike voice, poor articulation
    > i think i've lost the emotions and i focused more on articulation 
    >clearer but no emotions 
    > not so nasally 
    *so guys what do you think? 
    -----did i train myself wrong? so should i stop training?? 
    -----or im getting there. just practice more.. 
    -----any tips? 
    which is better, the before or the after??
    here's the link 


    THANKS guys so much it means so much to me " id="smiley" src="https://guitarcenter.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-.png" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />

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    I listened to the clips. The 'after' clips sounded a lot better, so I think that you're on the right track. I don't think that you should be so harsh about your own voice. I think I sounds fine. There's a sweet sound quality to your voice, which I think is perfect for the teen-pop kind of music you're getting at. I think the emotions were actually better conveyed when you improved your articulation. Words definitely need to be understood to be an effective singer, that's for sure.
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      First off, you can't expect any kind of results after training for 2 days! What are you doing as far as vocal exercises? Anyways, I didn't listen to the complete song, but I listened to about a minute of the before and after versions of the Taylor Swift tune. I can't really tell that much of a difference between the two, but like I said, you can't expect results in 2 days. I thought you sounded decent though, for that style of music. A little pitchy, and your overall breathing could use some work, not bad though. Hell, you already sound better than Taylor Swift
      Keep up the practice.
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        I'd say whip up some original stuff so your not comparing yourself to someone else.


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          what do u mean by that. do you mean Im trying to sound and sing like her? I dont really know how to be so original.. Can u pls give me advice about that..like being original and how to find my own voice and singing style..It would mean so much to me if u give me advice. I didnt meant to compare myself to someone else.what i meant in this post is just about the opinions and advice about my singing before after i practice for two days, and i wont compare myself to a pro superstar.LOL.. Any tips? I would appreciate it so much if u reply to this :-)


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            any advice guys?


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              Did you not read your reply's? I thought we did give you advice, lol. I'll say what I said again...you can't expect results after two days of practicing. Your voice sounds fine...when you say you trained for 2 days, what exactly did you do as far as training?..

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            I already read the replies,.im just asking for some other advices. Lol. As for my training, they're pretty basic. Im just following what's in this link.
            Thanks for the reply.



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              You're gonna get pretty much the same response from anybody. Your voice sounds fine, you just need to practice, and you'll be surprised with the results. You could see dramatic improvement in as little as a month or two. Thing is, that website link offers some useful information, but it's not gonna help you actually "sing" better. If you're serious about singing, I would look for a reputable voice coach, or even an at home singing program. It's not gonna happen overnight though. The voice takes time to develop. Just trying to steer you in the right path here...

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              Why do people put their profile picture sideways?

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            I put it that way just for a difference. LOL...Upright images are so overused., .u know,. just trying something different. try it sometime.Haha.


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            So, that's why...lol. Thanks for the info. .,So, i'll just keep on practicing until my voice deepen