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singing tips... 6 songs attached, all originals.


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  • singing tips... 6 songs attached, all originals.


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    I listened to the first song. It started out pretty flat then improved after a minute or so, but there were several parts where it went out of tune. That's the basic feedback. But taking into account the lack of experience I would say there's potential for you. I got a real sense of passion in the words and singing and tbh that's going to help you in the long run. Just keep practicing and as a reward for your hard work treat yourself to a decent mic and a good cheap interface so that the recording quality is better. Better quality sound can encourage you to work harder as a) you hear more mistakes (learning) b) you hear more good parts (inspiring)...Good idea to copyright the songs for your protection.


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      Thanks a million for your time. The best I can take from all that is our ears agree! Lol... Thats everything I thought I heard as well. I will nail it... sooner or later, Ill get it down. I just gotta figure out how to get my voice to do what my brain wants to hear.. Thanks again.


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        I listened to your songs earlier. The vocals were decent enough to get the point across with respect to the overall song. Still needs some refinement though. If you really want to pitch your songs to the industry then you should work on your vocals some more, or hire another singer to record your demos. As per Ido's suggestion, I would get an audio interface and multi-track the guitar and vocals separately. Guitar needs some work too, but I'm aware that you're new to playing guitar.

        How long have you been writing songs? If you're fairly new then I would hone your craft some more. Some parts were rough around the edges. I heard some decent melody bits in them, but the arrangement wasn't that coherent and could use some more melodic hooks to make the choruses stand out. Also It was sometimes difficult to follow the movement of the songs.